Guest Services

Appointments & Walk-ins Welcome

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Thank You For Helping Our Students

Wayne’s College of Beauty offers a variety of salon services to the public. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. We offer services from 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Your patronage will help Wayne’s College of Beauty students practice their skills and to complete their training by helping them log required hours.

Please remember all services are completed by supervised students.

Please stop by Wayne’s College of Beauty today or call to setup an appointment: (831) 443-4077


  • Men haircut and blow dry: $9
  • Beard Trim: $7
  • Women haircut and blow dry: $10
  • Shampoo & Set: $6

Wash and Blow dry

  • Short (above shoulders):  $6
  • Long (below shoulders):  $9
  • Shampoo only: $3


2-4 Single braids:  $10

*All haircuts include wash and blow dry.


  • All Short length perm: Conditioning: $28
  • Longer length perms starting at: $35 and up

Hair Color

  • Shoulder length: $25 and up
  • Long: $30 and up
  • High lift: $25 and up
  • Semi-Permanent: $25 and up
  • PM Shines as add service to any color:  $15
  • PM Shines Service:  $20  (Includes deep conditioner and PM Shines of your choice)


  • Cocktails & K-PAK
  • Short hair: $10
  • Long Hair: $15

* Includes a wash and a session under the dryer for 10 min.

A-La Carte

  • Cup of Shampoo: $1
  • Cup of Conditioner: $1
  • Ampules by Alfapart: $10


  • Virgins: $35 & up
  • Bleach Touch-ups: $25 & up
  • Highlights with cap: $25-$35


  • Touch-up with foils: $35 & up
  • Full-head of foils: $45 & up


  • Spa Pedicure: $18
  • Pedicure: $12
  • Toe Nail Trim: $7
  • Manicure: $6
  • Hot Oil Manicure: $8
  • Polish Change: $5

Body Wax

  • ½ Leg: $18
  • Full Leg: $28
  • Bikini: $25
  • Bikini & Full Leg: $45
  • Brazilian: $35
  • Arms: $17
  • Under Arms: $14
  • Brows: $7
  • Lip: $5
  • Chin: $5
  • Bottom of Face: $10
  • Full Face: $16
  • Chest: $25
  • Back: $25


  • Evaluation, Mascara & Foundation: $10

* Suggestion: Bring your own make-up, mascara & foundation.

Spa Treatment

  • Almond Body Pumice Scrubs: $40
  • Body Brushing Exfoliation & Mask: $40
  • Sea Clays – Special Body Wraps: $40
  • Body Hydration Lotion Treatments: $40
  • Spa Body Salt Glow: $40

Senior Citizens Day

  • Shampoo: $5
  • Shampoo & Blow Dry: $5
  • Manicure: $5
  • Men’s Haircut: $7
  • Women’s Haircut: $8
  • Women’s Cut/ Shampoo & Set: $7

* Tuesday & Wednesday.


  • Cleansing Facial: $18

    Corrective skin treatment for deep pore and deep tissue
    Includes: Pre-cleansing massage, deep cleansing massage, exfoliation, steam, therapeutic masque, moisture protection, and hand to forearm massage.
    60-70 minutes

  • Penetrative Massage Facial: $20

    Corrective skin treatment DermActive deep
    Includes: Pre-cleansing, exfoliation, DermActive massage treatment, therapeutic masque, steam, infusion of lipids and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, moisture protection and hand to forearm massage.
    60-70 minutes

  • Facial: $28

    Corrective skin treatment optimum balancing
    Includes: Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, DermActive massage treatment, steam and infusion, extractions (if necessary), therapeutic masque, moisture protection, hand to forearm massage.
    60-70 minutes

Facial Treatment

  • Microdermabrasion: $65

    Recommended for reduction of fine lines, scars, stretch marks and temporary reduction of appearance of cellulite.
    (Series of Six): $300

  • Algae Mask: $35

    A long relaxing massage using a blend of algae to help restore the skins smoothness and radiance. Healing for any type of skin.

  • Seaweed Mask: $30

    Synergistically formulated with Blue-Green algae (rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids) to hydrate, nourish and revitalize the skin. It retains the skins moisture balance, promoting a supple and soft appearance. For normal, oily and combination skin.

  • Collagen Fiber Mask with Oligopeptides: $45

    Helps to formulate circulation, tones and helps in the regeneration of new cells through infusion of collagen through cells. Helps to decrease fines lines through the use of Oligopeptides. Great for Mature skin.

  • Acne Treatment: $40

    This treatment is excellent for acne and hyperpigmented skin. Promotes healing of unsightly skin conditions through cellular regeneration and purification. COMODEX YIELDS STUNNING RESULTS. (Six Treatments recommended for best results) 75 minutes

  • Ginkgo Hydra Mask: $25

    Reduces redness, soothes and hydrates the epidermis. For oily and combination skin types.

  • Angelica Mask: $35

    An algae-derivative mask formulated with Chinese Angelica Root and Allantoin to rejuvenate environmentally stressed skin, promoting a supple and radiant complexion. For dry and mature skin.

  • Thermal Mask: $25

    Self-healing mask which helps to firm, detoxify and promote better absorption of active ingredients, leaving the skin with a smooth and supple appearance. For normal, dry and mature skin.

  • Icy Mineral: $30

    Formulated with the antiseptic properties of menthol. Helps remove the skin’s surface impurities and dead cells gently. Also absorbs excessive sebum, leaving the skin with a radiant glow, clean, soothing, and feeling refreshed. For oily and problematic skin.

  • Forever Young: $48

    This unique blend of grape wine extract are exfoliating and healing to the skin promoting proliferation and regeneration of cells unique for maintaining your FOREVER YOUNG LOOK.

  • Brightening Treatment: $40

    This unique treatment is for sun damaged skin to help in lightening and restoring the production of collagen fibers leaving it fresh and radiant because of the high Vitamin C and fluoride content in the product.

  • Hydra Facial: $65

    Includes, Bubble Water Peeling, Micro Current, Regenerates Collagen and Cell Renewal, Cavitation to help collagen production, cold Modality to close the skin.
    (Series of Six): $300

  • Champagne & Roses Treatment: $45

    Bella’s nature defying treatment for stressed skin. Its unique combination of a breakthrough treatment method with highly active agents in carefully orchestrated, optimal concentration work to prevent treat and soothe induced skin damage. It brightens and even skin tone.

Note: All work is done by supervised students.